At Foreseeson Media we specialize in digital signage solutions that are specifically designed for the needs of small and medium businesses.  We understand that small businesses may not have the technical resources to deploy and operate both the hardware and content components for digital signage. We provide a range of solutions that encompass displays, content, management and services.  In short, we offer a complete and unified digital signage solution for businesses and organizations.  As digital signage becomes more prevalent as a communications medium, more businesses are coming to realize that they need to integrate digital signage as a means to communicate their products and services to today’s technologically savvy consumers.

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securedUSB™ is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind Data Loss Prevention solution that harnesses 256-bit AES encryption to protect the entire storage volume and sensitive data that’s been specially copied to a securedUSB™ drive.

Conventional Data Copy Protection

Statistics show that internal threats, such as data leaks, data loss (intentional and unintentional) and data theft are more significant than external threats. Data leaks may be perpetrated by employees, business partners, consultants, vendors, and others who have access to sensitive company data.

Organizations implement a variety of security systems such as port-based device access control and document security solutions. Unfortunately, port-based access control can be bypassed, while document security is too costly for many SMBs. Moreover, these solutions do not prevent sensitive data from being copied onto someone’s local drive.

secured USB security IT firewall

Multi Card Reader BCR-525

Compact & Durable Card Reader


1. Warranty

  • 3-year limited warrant for main board

2.Robust Design

  • Proven technology works in the most demanding applications


  • Supports most digital caera menory card formats
  • Fast data transfer speed
  • Supports Bluetooth (or IrDA) for image transfer
  • Standard 5.25″ Bay

4.Visible Connectivity

  • LED illuminates for active slot making it convenient for the user to confirm connectivity of the card in the slot

5.Convenient Power supply options (Optional)

  • Comes with AC/DC and PC power plug options


  • Build your product order to meet your needs

(For example)

1) 1xCF + 5xMS pro + 6xUSB port or

2) 2XCF + 3xMS Duo + 3xMini SD + 2USB or

3) 1xCF + 1xMS Pro + 1xMini SD + 1USB port

7.OEM/ODM avilable

Vancouver multi card reader
compact & Durable card reader

Our multi-industry CNC Machining experience allows us to provide components with rapid turnaround at the lowest possible cost for prototypes & Production models. We welcome equipment development and specialized machining projects

ARK’s plastic 3D printing services provide a rapid prototyping platform to our customers. Our 3D printing expertise provides a  superior  finished  prototype  compared  to  other  printed  technologies. We work closely with our customers to develop a  best-­‐in-­‐class  design  that  best  meets  their  final  product’s  vision.

ARK Manufacturing Inc. specializes in die-­‐cut, plastic injection and  metal  injection  molds.  We  utilize  a  hands-­‐on  project  management  style  along  with  engineering  expertise  to continuously  grow  our  customer  base.  Our  mold  development  process  is  focused  on  quality  controls  in  order to minimize reject rates.

Baymount PC aims at offering the most comprehensive mobile and network security solution combine with Cloud Services to eliminate the complexity that such of solution might entice. iGuardDATA combined the technology breakthroughs, intellectual property, and expertise of several respected industry leaders such as  – Microsoft, GTB Technologies, ShieldCore Systems. IronKey, Kingston and its own mobile iGuardDATA Copy Protection solution.

ARK  has  a  rich  catalog  of  above  industry  components  and  machinery  to  facilitate  and  automate  the  tooling  process. Fully  customizable  components  and  a  template-­‐based  approach  ramp-­‐ups  projects  faster,  and  ensures  design consistency. This allows us to manufacture jigs and tools right the first time.

Our experience goes beyond others. Due to our multi-­‐industry prototype  experience  we  can  better  assist  our  customers  with potential design errors before they occur.